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Welcome to Bårvik Hytteutleie!

Bårvik hytteutleie is situated in picturesque and quiet surroundings with a wonderful view to The Breivik Fjord about 9 kilometres from the ferry harbour in Hasvik. We have two cabins under the same roof. Each cabin is 36 m2 and consists of sitting-room/kitchen + 2 bedrooms with 5-6 beds.

Welcome to Sørøya!

Green and vigorous during summertime - rough and challenging during wintertime. With The Loppa Ocean and the Arctic Ocean as nearest neighbours. Sørøya is a very special island. Ever since Stone Age this luxuriant and beautiful island has attracted people who came for hunting and fishing. Several places you can still see remainders of these settlements.


At Sørøya you can experience lots of adventures - either you enjoy taking a long walk to deserted, white beaches, want to go hunting and fishing or photographing reindeers.

The island has got about 400 good lakes for fishing. If you join an experienced fisherman to the open sea, you are guaranteed a good catch (this is the reason why The Sørøya Festival in July every year attracts anglers from all over the world). During hunting time you must have rather shaky hands for not coming home with a hare or a grouse!


The varied geology makes Sørøya a popular spot for stone collectors and geologists. Here is also a rich bird life. Several pairs of golden eagles nests on the island. If you are lucky you can also observe porpoises and seals and maybe even a whale.


If you are interested in war history, you can visit several of the caves where people lived during the German evacuation of Sørøya in the autumn of 1944. Or you can visit the mountain Håen by Hasvik and see the remainders of the German fortifications. Here are also remainders from the cold war.

The wreck of the Russian cruiser “Murmansk” is run aground under a steep mountain and three stone's throws out of picturesque Sørvær. The cruiser was an unwanted “gift” for Christmas in 1994!


Bårvik Hytteutleie
v/Ragnar og Kitty Nilsen
N-9590  HASVIK
Telefon: (+47) 78 45 15 95
Mobil: (+47) 90 67 86 86
Telefax: (+47) 78 45 16 28