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Sørøymarch to Nordsandfjorden

It was a lot of people that attended the march to Nordsandfjorden accompanied by beautiful weather


"Open day" at Kvitbua

Guests from near and far visited Kvitbua under the "Open day" during the "Sørøydagene"

I Krana

Hammerfest Elverk

Hammerfest elverk opend its doors at monday for a day full of activities, competitions and happy guests.


Havfiskefestvalen 2010

Last weekend the "Havfiskefestivalen 2010" was held at Sørvær.

Gørill is selling Souvernirs at the "Tørrfiskloftet"

The Touristinformation is selling local handicraft produckts at "Tørrfiskloftet" during the "Sørøydagene" 2010.


Sørøydagene 2010

The program for Sørøydagene 2010 is now available on Hasvik kommunes (Hasvik municipality)homepage.(Only in Norwegian)


About the "Sørøydagene"

Each year in July, the "Sørøydagene", a week-long festival with lots of activities for all ages, is being arranged. That's when the crisis in fishing industry and many other more or less relevant problems are forgotten for a while, and celebration and partying take over!


The Sørøydagene 2005

Here you can see pictures from activities and arrangements during the Sørøydagene 2005 (Link to the website of Hasvik kommune).

Program - "Sørøydagene" 2006

Sørøyfestival: from July 7 to July 16 2006.

Sea anglingcompetation: July 7 and July 8 2006.