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Sørvær Gjestehus

Sørvær Gjestehus, situated on the harbour in Sørvær, has 10 bedrooms across two floors with an attached kitchen for self-catering.

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Each bedroom has a washbasin, with communal washroom facilities and a television room on each floor.  In addition, we have a restaurant and fully licensed bar alongside. We also serve meals and drinks outside on the porch, depending upon weather conditions.

Pictures from Sørvær Gjestehus
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Sørvær has a beautiful and unique nature. During the fishing season from March to October, the commercial fishing fleet delivers its catch right to the local fish-processing factory along the main harbour.

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Sørvær is an excellent base for deep-sea fishing, as the fishing grounds off Sørvær offer some of the best fishing in the whole of Norway! Numerous fish records have been broken here. Such big fish are abundant almost year-round, but the best fishing occurs from April to October. There is no other place in Norway that has produced so many record fish (cod, catfish and others).

During the Sørøydagene festival held each July, a deep-sea fishing tournament takes place over two days (Friday and Saturday), and local sport anglers as well as visiting fishing tourists participate in the event. During this time, the small village is full of festivity.

In recent years, the halibut population has significantly increased. In June 2002, two German sea anglers came here to fish for catfish and during a 10 day period caught 26 halibut ranging from 8kg to 59kg. Summer fishing for halibut, cod and catfish is most productive in depths from 25 to 70 metres.
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Outdoor activities

In addition to deep-sea angling, Sørøya offers exciting freshwater fishing for trout and Arctic char. Sørøya is known for its numerous and productive fishing lakes, some of which are easily accessible by foot or car.

Furthermore, there are several excellent sites for grouse and hare hunting. Two nesting sites for sea birds are also close to Sørvær and can be reached by boat within 10 minutes (Andotten) or 5 minutes (Soppen). The easy-to-access mountainous landscape close to Sørvær also offers good hiking possibilities.

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Sørvær Gjestehus
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N-9595  SØRVÆR

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