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Sørøya -The land of the big fish

Sørøya is located exactly where the coast of Finnmark turns east, just west of Hammerfest - far out in the waters of the Arctic ocean, at 70' 40'' N latitude.

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A dream destination

Sørøya is Finnmark’s largest island. The wild and rugged nature, the countless fjords of varying dimensions, the high mountains and excellent fishing grounds render Sørøya a dream destination for everyone fond of nature and outdoor activities, deep sea anglers in particular.

One of the best areas for sea angling worldwide

You catch that many and big fish here that many fishing experts consider Sørøya one of the best areas for sea angling worldwide. Three approved recordfish have been caught on rod and reel in the waters around Sørøya. All three of them are named in the official record list published by the Norwegian Deep Sea Angling Association.

The Sørøyfestival

The Norwegian record cod (weighing 37.5 kg) was caught twice outside Sørøya –by the same angler, within an exact one-year interval!

Each year in July, The Sørøyfestival, an internationally-known sea anglingfestival, takes place in the small fishing village Sørvær.

The biggest fish in incredible numbers swim in in the waters around Sørøya. Everybody will catch fish here -guaranteed! Welcome to Sørøya!