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Sandvika is a charming outdoor area close to the road between Breivikbotn and Breivik, about 25 km from Hasvik. The place got its name from the vast sandy beach which is about 350 m long.

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Sandvika is a popular site of recreation. Here you find parking lot, playground, barbecue facilities, benches, toilets, trash cans and areas where camping is allowed.

Specific rules apply for this unique area.

Sandvika used to be an active coastal village from the beginning of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. In those days, Sandvika had a shop and fish trade. You could buy the basic necessities in the shop: coffee, sugar, flour and tobacco. Five families used to live here, but all have left the place.

There were also 12 cabins where fishermen from other areas of Norway (Skjervøy and Lyngen) used to live during the annual winter season for cod in the Breivikfjord. From February to Easter about 30 boats came here in addition to the local fleet. The owner of the shop bought the fish, which was salted or dried on racks. Cod-liver oil was cooked here, too.

The local people did some agriculture in addition to the fishing. In 1875, the people in Sandvika had 5 cows, 3 calves, 24 sheep and one pig. Later, they had a horse, too.

From about 1910, activities in Sandvika decreased and stopped in 1916. All the seasonal fishermen had their boats in Breivikbotn, where they sold their fish and the harbour was much more convenient.

During World War II, all buildings in Sandvika were burned by the German troops, but both families that lived there rebuilt their houses after the war.