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Photography on Sørøya

The fantastic and constantly changing light conditions as well as the rugged nature make Sørøya a dream destination for everybody interested in photography. Strolling along the island with a camera dangling from your neck has the effect that one becomes even more aware of the beautiful scenery here on the island.

Sørøya is fantastic for those interested in nature photography. The island offers countless motives, be it details or panorama views and many are fascinated by the combination of a  vigorous vegetation and barren, rough areas.

We have high montains with a fantastic view, beautiful fjords with a unique flora, racks for drying fish, old boathouses and lighthouses, fish and fishing boats and the seagulls which stay with us throughout the year- just to mention a few. Nature is wide and open, wild and beautiful…the island is a true fairy tale!

Light conditions on the island are unique and something to be experienced. We have the ocean which constantly reflects the light, calm and of a magical blue colour one day, roaring, fierce and greenish the next day, beautifully reddish in the light of the sundown the third day. We have the two months without direct sunlight, when the blaze of the Northern Lights illuminates the sky and cold, clear days with a unique blueish light.

We have strong winds with rain and snow; suddenly the sun works its way through the clouds and lightens the sea with its almost divine light. We have sunshine for 24 hours during the summer, as if the sun was trying to compensate for the two months of darkness in winter.

Ragnar Nilsen from Bårvik Hytteutleie gives you practical advice and help concerning photography on Sørøya and offers guided tours on request.

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