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Nordsandfjord nature reservation

Nordsandfjord is a small and outstandingly beautiful fjord in the western part of Sørøya, facing the open sea. It is about 2 km wide and becomes gradually narrower towards the inner part, with a length of about 2 km.

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If you want to visit the Nordsandfjord, you have to drive from Hasvik to Breivikbotn and further on to Sandvika. Here you will find an information board and a parking lot. Follow the marked path over the mountains to Nordsandfjorden. The march takes about one hour in easily-accessible terrain.

The nature and the landscape with its small bays, caves and dunes have been formed by storm and wind throughout the centuries. Sandy Beaches and pastures and grass plains are characteristic for this fjord. The families who once lived here had productive fishing grounds close to home and some farming on a smaller scale was also possible. The children went to the boarding school in Breivik- which meant one month at school and one month at home.

Here in Nordsandfjord you will also find the cave where 133 people lived during the war in 1944. Read more about the cave in Nordsandfjord here. 

The houses in Nordsandfjord were burned during the Second World War, but were rebuilt after the war. The last inhabitants of Nordsandfjord were Gerd and Oddvar Olaussen who moved to Sørvær in 1954.

The area became nature reservation in 1991. The aim is to protect the sand dunes and the unique flora in the area. It is for example not allowed to light a campfire or to collect firewood in the dunes. It is not allowed to use any kind of motor vehicle or to introduce new plant species.

A trip to Nordsandfjord is highly recommended!

Nordsandfjord - facing the open sea
Copyright © 2003, Anne Olsen-Ryum