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Foto: Grete K. Jacobsen

The Fishing Festival of 2008

Here you can see pictures from the Fishing Festival of 2008.

Sørøydagene 2008

Here you can see pictures from activities and arrangements during the Sørøydagene 2008 (Link to the website of Hasvik kommune).


Sørøya in Sportfishing magazine

Read about Sørøya in Sportfishing magazin

Statistics for visit on the website

A lot of people visit our website

Letter from tourists

Tourists from Italy who visited Sørøya last summer sent us a letter.

Photos from Sørøya

We present different kinds of nature photos from Sørøya - both in stormy and calm weather.


The Sørøydagene 2005

Here you can see pictures from activities and arrangements during the Sørøydagene 2005 (Link to the website of Hasvik kommune).

Sørøya - storfiskens rike

Sørøya -The land of the big fish

Sørøya is located exactly where the coast of Finnmark turns east, just west of Hammerfest - far out in the waters of the Arctic ocean, at 70' 40'' N latitude.


Summer, with the midnight sun, is Sørøya's high season for deep sea fishing. Two months of continuous daylight can encourage the most enthusiatic deep sea fishers to keep going for days. Most of the deep sea fishermen are attracted to Sørøya by the dream of the Giant Cod.


The island of Sørøya lies far out on the fringes of the Arctic Ocean, situated in the midst of one of the world's richest fishing grounds. This is a paradise for deep sea fishermen of all levels - with countless breeds of fish. Every season is high season here. Here you will find active fishing communities.


Once upon a time, in the old days, before television and radio had reached Sørøya and before the newspapers from Southern Norway were flown in daily, people here in the north had to stand the rough climate and the wind. Under such harsh conditions, people had to rely on themselves, that is their observationalskills, in order to persist.


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