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Only sea angling rods are used, so all of the records refer to rodcaught fish

Johannes Von Sabben
Foto: HUT

Rekord - Flekksteinbit

Johannes von sabben from holland has the record for the largest tigercatfish caught off Sørøya. The catfish weighed 15,7 kilos
Johannes Von Sabben med et prakteksemplar
Foto: HUT
A fantastic specimin of a tigercatfish. The record was set in july 2005

Record Halibut

Swede with record Halibut. Record was set in July 2005
Svensker med stor kveite
Foto: Sørvær Gjestehus

Happy Swede

This swedish sea angler shows off his record halibut, before he visited Sørøya his personal record was a 2 kilo cod. He will never forget his trip to Sørøya.
Lykkelige kveitefiskere
Foto: Sørvær Gjestehus
Swedish sea anglers with huge catch, the largest halibut was 103 kilos
Store kveiter
Foto: Sørvær Gjestehus
Showing off the halibut catch
Sander med torsk på 38 kg - noe som er ny nederlandsk rekord

Record cod

Largest cod caught with fishing rod. Sander Pieters with the record cod 37,52 kg