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The island of Sørøya lies far out on the fringes of the Arctic Ocean, situated in the midst of one of the world's richest fishing grounds. This is a paradise for deep sea fishermen of all levels - with countless breeds of fish. Every season is high season here. Here you will find active fishing communities.

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Regardless of whether you go out with a skipper or have your own boat, you have the possibility to catch Giant Cod, wolffish, halibut or large coalfish. The choice is yours.

Due to our northerly location, we have a rugged and magnificent scenery with frequently shifting weather! This makes every deep sea fishing trip a unique experience, regardless of the time of the year.

You are guaranteed fish all year round! However, what you catch will be determined by choice of fishing ground, bait and of course, your own ability.

Some of the travel-related businesses on Sørøya offer guided sea angling trips with a local skipper as well as rental boats with the neccessary equipment.

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