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About the "Sørøydagene"

Each year in July, the "Sørøydagene", a week-long festival with lots of activities for all ages, is being arranged. That's when the crisis in fishing industry and many other more or less relevant problems are forgotten for a while, and celebration and partying take over!

Over the years, the "Sørøydagene" have become the most important event of the year for both the locals and guests from other parts of Norway and abroad. No surprise that the people on Sørøya  spend a lot of effort to make sure this event can take place each year!

The "Sørøydagene" are result of the cooperation between the borough of Hasvik, the various travel-related businesses, tour operators, local shops and enterprises. However, local activity is the driving force behind this event. The motivation is to establish a common positive experience for the entire community. The locals spend a lot of time in committees and meetings each year, and the "Sørøydagene" play an important role when it comes to keeping contact with those who have moved from Sørøya to other places in Norway. Many of the aforementioned spent their holidays at their home place during  the "Sørøydagene" to meet old friends at the wharf….

"Sørøydagene" offer a wide range of activities. Here are some highlights from former years: Deep Sea Fishing Festival, fishing match for children, children's day at the beach in Sandvika, football class for children, computer-based activities for young people, open house at the Red Cross' cabin, open house at the Hammerfest electrical plant, open day at the borough of Hasvik, open-air divine service, soccer match, hikes, bike race, marathon run, cake feasts, treasure hunts for children, exhibition of photographs, fun fair, concert and memorial service in the "Kvithell"-cave, Sørøy Rock, art exhibition and much, much more……….

In 2003, the Sørøy Deep Sea Fishing Club arranged the "Nordic Deep Sea Fishing Championships". With about 170 participants, this has been the biggest angling competition so far arranged by the club. Read more about this here. 

A detailed program for the "Sørøydagene" 2006 will be available as soon as the dates for the different activities have been set.

Please contact the borough of Hasvik if you have questions related to the "Sørøydagene 2005" (Tel. 0047-78 45 27 00)!

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