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Sørøya is Norway's fourth-largest island and is located along the western Finnmark coast - more precisely at 70.40° N. The island is divided between the two boroughs of Hasvik (the south-western region) and Hammerfest (in the north-east).



Read more about the three villages Hasvik, Breivikbotn and Sørvær.

Den russiske krysseren Murmansk


Read more about some of the attractions of Sørøya - like the russian warship Murmansk and the caves where people lived during end of world war 2.

Nordsandfjord naturreservat

Nature reservations

Here you can read more about the nature reservations Andotten, Nordsandfjord and Sørsandfjord. We guarantee a great nature experience if you visit one or all of these places.


Nature experiences

Read more about some of the beautiful places at Sørøya - among others Hasfjord, Kvithellan, Sandvika and Breivik.

Jakt- og innlandsfiske

Outdoor life at Sørøya

Read more about photography on Sørøya.